1. Login to your Helo.life account through the app. 

2. Once you login, scroll down on the home page. You will see blue boxes that contain different options. Click the blue box that says "Send A Link". 

3. This will bring you to a page where you can select a contact to send a trackable link. In the top box on this page, select a contact. You will only be able to select contacts saved in your phone currently; we are working on updating this feature in the next round of app updates. 

4. Once you select a contact, you can then select the video/page link you'd like to send to that particular contact. You have three options to choose from to send to your contact: the 2-minute Helo commercial, the 7-minute webinar video, or the Getting Started page (which will re-direct prospects to fill out a questionnaire about getting started with World GN). 

5. Once you have a contact and video/page selected, you can choose the type of message you'd like to include in your text with the trackable link to send to that contact. You will notice there are  a variety of options to choose from; pick the one that suits your needs best. You can always select "Write Your Own Message" to craft one of your own. 

6. Once you have a contact, video/page and message selected, click the blue "Review & Send" button to finish sending your trackable link. When you hit this button, you will be brought to your phone's text messaging app, where the pre-selected message will appear in addition to the trackable link that was created. You can review and edit the message before sending. 

7. When you have reviewed the message and it is to your liking, hit "Send" to send that text message to the selected contact. 

8. Now, if that contact clicks on your trackable link, you'll receive a push notification from the app on your phone letting you know. The push notification will only track if a contact clicks on that link; it currently will not track if they watched the video included on the page, or for how long they may have watched the video.