If you've been exploring all of the features your marketing system account has to offer, you may have noticed under all your lead capture and tour pages a button that says "Short Link/QR Code." You may have even clicked on it and tried to shorten one of your links, only to find this feature doesn't work. Don't worry; we are working on getting this feature working in the marketing system. 

If you'd like to shorten one of your links in your marketing system, simply copy the link you'd like to shorten. Then, go to bitly.com, paste the link you've copied into the text box on this page and hit the orange "Shorten" button to create a shortened version of your link. Share this shortened link in blog posts, in the captions of social media posts, in text messages and more. 

Why would anyone use a link shortener? Mainly, a link shortener is used for aesthetic reasons in social media posts. Instead of posting a long link in the caption of a social media post, you can simply include a shortened link instead. This makes your post look cleaner and more professional than posting a longer link. Plus, it's less distracting and keeps more people focused on the post at hand. 

Link shorteners are also great when sending links through text messages or when posting to Twitter. Since both of these methods have a limited character count, a link shortener allows you to include a longer message with the associated link, instead of having to limit your message or split your message into two to include the link/relevant information in one message/post. 

If you're interested in creating a QR Code for one of your marketing system links, simply copy the link you'd like to create a the QR code for. Then, go to the-qrcode-generator.com, select the "URL" tab at the top of this page, paste the link you've copied into the text box on this page and hit "Save" once your QR code is generated to the right of the text box. You have the ability to resize your QR code before you save it as well. 

What is a QR Code? Visit this page to learn more, which does a very good job at explaining what QR codes are. 

Why would anyone use a QR Code generator? QR codes are great for print marketing materials, such as on flyers, business cards, product labels, receipts, etc. They are a great tool for including a link on your marketing materials without spelling your entire link out. People can simply scan the QR code and they'll be brought right to the associated link.