Follow these directions to create/send an Email Broadcast from the system:

1. Login to your marketing system account. When you login, you will be brought to your Dashboard page. 

2. On the left-hand side of your account, you should see a black tab with links. If you do not see this, click on the bar graph icon in the top left corner of your Dashboard page. When you do this, a list of links will appear on the left-hand side of your account. Click on the link that says "Email, Text, Voice." When you do this, a drop-down list of links will appear under this. Click on the last link in this list that says "Email Broadcast."

3. You will now be on the "Send Email Broadcast" page. On this page, you will notice two blue buttons at the top labeled "1. Create Message & Save to Library" and "2. Create Your Broadcast List." Click on the first blue button labeled as "1. Create Message & Save to Library."

4. Clicking this button will bring you to the page to create your email to send as a broadcast to your email list. Follow the steps for creating an email on this page. Under Step 1, make sure to save your email to your "Message Library" (this option should be automatically selected for you). Under Step 2, do not input anything as you want to send this message as a broadcast, NOT add it to an autoresponse campaign. Under Step 3, insert your subject line. You will notice a subject line automatically propagates in this section; just delete this one and insert your own. You can use the short-code "[[firstname]]" in your subject line to insert your contacts' names into the subject line. Under Step 4, write out your email. You can preview your email as you write it up by clicking on the paper and magnifying glass icon in the toolbar of this section. You can use the toolbar to format your email, insert images, etc. Hover over any icon in the toolbar to find out what that button does. 

5. When you have created your email and it is to your liking, hit the green "Save" button at the bottom of this page. When you do this, you will be re-directed back to the page to send your Email Broadcast. 

6. When you are back on the "Send Email Broadcast" page, click the blue button at the top that says "2. Create Your Broadcast List." 

7. This will bring you to your Contact Manager where you can create your Broadcast list. If you want to send a broadcast email to all of the contacts in your Contact Manager, simply hit the green search button. When you do this, you will notice an aqua button will appear that says "Send Email Broadcast to this List." Select that button and you will be re-directed back to the "Send Email Broadcast" page. If you have categorized your contacts, you can select a specific category from the drop-down menu and search contacts to select through that. You can also search contacts based on their activity, activity group, a specific source page, date range they were added/opted-in, time zone, by name or by a specific keyword. Once you hit search, you'll notice an aqua button will appear that says "Send Email Broadcast to this List." Select that button and you will be re-directed back to the "Send Email Broadcast" page.

8. You are now ready to send your email broadcast to the broadcast list you have created. You will be able to view which contacts will receive your broadcast list in the box under "Send Broadcast Email Message." Please note that your list will only show 5 contacts at a time. Scroll through your broadcast list by using the arrows to the left and right of "Page __ of __" at the bottom of this box.

9. Under Step 1 on this page, click on the check mark next to the email you'd like to send as a broadcast from your Message Library. When you do this, you'll notice your email subject will propagate under Step 2 and the body of your email will appear under Step 3. This allows you to review and make any changes to your email before sending it as a broadcast. 

10. Once you're done reviewing your broadcast email and making any last-minute changes, scroll down on this page. Make sure to uncheck the boxes next to "Send SMS" and "Send Voice" to prevent sending these types of broadcasts to your list (Alternatively, if you'd like to also send an SMS and/or Voice Message broadcast to your list in addition to the email, keep these boxes checked and input appropriate information/file). Once you're ready, hit the green "Send Now" button at the bottom of the page. 

11. You will see a message pop up letting you know that your email broadcast has been put in the queue to send out. All email broadcasts sent from the marketing system are put in a queue for sending. Once the email broadcasts ahead of yours in this list are sent out, yours will send. The amount of email broadcasts being sent out from the system at any given time will determine how long it will take for yours to send.