Setting up an SMS verification code is extremely similar to setting up an SMS autoresponse message for a lead capture page. 

Follow these instructions to set up your code:

1. Login to your account. On the left-side of your page, you should see a list of links. Go down to Email, Text Voice, then select the first link that appears in the drop-down menu called "SMS/Voice Messages".

2. Scroll down on this page until you see "Step 1 - Create Your Message." Under Step 1, check the bubble next to "SMS/Verify Code."

3. Under "Step 2 - Which Landing Page Form Should Send This Message?," select the lead capture page you'd like to set this code on from the drop-down menu of pages (NOTE: If you're a user and would like to activate your authorization code on your Cold Market Webinar Funnel, select the "NEW-WEBINAR2" option from the drop-down menu).

4. When you have a lead capture page selected from the drop-down menu, hit the green "Save" button under Step 2. Once this is done, you'll see your verification code saved under "Your Active Voice/SMS Follow-up Messages" (NOTE: If you'd like to setup verification codes for multiple lead capture pages, you'll need to set up a code for each lead capture page individually).

NOTE: This feature is available only to PRO members. Please submit a support ticket if you're interested in upgrading your account to use this feature.