Unfortunately with marketing and this type of industry, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question. You'll need to create text message autoresponses unique to you and your personal brand/business. However, we suggest keeping the text short, sweet and to the point. Also, make sure to include your phone number in the body of the text so people can text you with any questions or for more information. 

Some examples could be:

"Hey there, thanks for inquiring about XYZ opportunity. I'd love to connect and answer any questions you have. Text me at (555) 555-1234 with a good date/time to give you a call."

"Have questions about XYZ opportunity? I know you do! Text your questions to (555) 555-1234 for answers."

"Loving XYZ opportunity so far? I see you've been checking out my page - I'm happy to answer your questions! Text/call me at (555) 555-1234. Talk to you soon."

"Congrats! For your interest, here's XYZ Sample to try out this amazing product. Plus you can make extra $$$. Text/call me @ (555) 555-1234 for more deets."