First, check to see which lead capture page you have your SMS text message autoresponder set for. To do this, just go to the left-hand tab and hit Email, Text, Voice >SMS/Voice Message. Once here, you can create a new SMS Text Message autoresponder. When you create the SMS Text Message autoresponder, make sure you select the CORRECT lead capture page that you want to set up the autoresponder for from the drop down menu in Step 2. Often, if leads aren’t receiving your text message autoresponse, it’s due to not sharing the lead capture page you set one up for and instead sharing a lead capture page that isn’t set up with a text message autoresponder.

If you want to set up a text message auto response for all your lead capture pages, you’ll have to create an autoresponse for each lead capture page individually. This is so you can create different auto responses depending on which capture page you are sharing if you’d like.